Tips for Foreign Experts in Xi'an on Protection against the 2019 Novel Coronavirus from the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology of Xi'an (Municipal Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs of Xi'an)


Dear foreign experts, friends and your employers,


On the occasion of the Spring Festival, we would like to extend our sincere regards and greetings of the Chinese New Year to you and your family!


Recently, many areas are stricken by an epidemic of pneumonia caused by the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The Chinese government has taken a series of rigorous measures to contain the spread of the epidemic. To aid in the cause, we are making the following recommendations to all foreign nationals and their employers in Xi'an:


1. Dailyprevention

The 2019-nCov is a type of coronavirus, identified as the cause of the respiratory disease outbreak in Wuhan, China, and can be transmitted from person to person. Please follow these instructions to protect yourself:

(1) Avoid going out and group activities such as parties. If you have to go out, make sure you wear a mask properly;

(2) Open windows and ensure good ventilation at home;frequentlyclean hands using soap and water and disinfect regularly;

(3) Avoid close contact with anyone who has fever and/or cough;

(4) Avoid consuming raw or undercooked animal products;

(5) Monitor body temperature of yourself and family members.








2. What should you do if you feel unwell?

(1) Contact your employers or friends in China and tell them about your status;

(2) Visit medical institutions nearby in time according to your physical condition; try to avoid taking metro, bus and other means of public transport;

(3) Tell doctors about where you are from and your recent travel history especially in relation to epidemic-stricken areas, as well as the people in contact after the onset of the disease, and cooperate with doctors to carry out relevant investigations.





3. Always stay connected

During the outbreak, please make sure you can be reached via phones or emails. The employer shall pay attention to the physical condition and travel plans of its foreign employees. Foreign employees who are not in Xi'an during the holidays are advised to postpone their return.

If you need medical treatment, please contact the following designated hospitals, or call the 24-Hour Medical Advice Line: 12320 (Shaanxi Health Hotline).




附件:Information of the medical institutions with fever clinics in Xi'an(西安市设有发热门诊的医疗机构信息).xlsx

Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology of Xi'an (Municipal Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs of Xi'an)

Jan 30, 2020